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    The Medina County Drug Task Force (MCDTF) was established in 1987.   The purpose of its creation was to identify, investigate and arrest those persons involved in drug trafficking, drug cultivation, drug manufacturing, to dismantle drug networks and to seize drug shipments.   Since its inception, the Medina County Drug Task Force has had many notable successes.
    Primary funding for the MCDTF is provided by the Medina County Drug Abuse Commission (MCDAC).  "The Medina County Drug Abuse Commission serves to prevent the negative effects of. drug abuse by providing funding for and monitoring of education, law enforcement and treatment. programs."  Programs are funded by MCDAC with monies collected by Medina County’s 5-Year Anti-Drug Levy first passed in 1987 and most recently passed in November, 2010.
    The Medina County Drug Task Force recognizes that total elimination of drug law violations and. their satellite crimes of violence, theft, robbery and fraud are unlikely; it must remain our number one goal.   Drug crimes are both a cause and an effect, which make them difficult to combat.   While we ask our communities to be patient, persistent and dedicated to our goal, we must act swiftly and prudently in the public interest.


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